Order, Shipping & Returns

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! Shipping cost is varied and will be calculated at checkout. Please note that any customs fees incurred are the responsibility of the buyer. Click here to see our shipping policies.

Can I cancel, return or exchange my order?

Due to the personalised nature of the jewellery, we do not accept cancellation, returns or exchanges. ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL SALE.

Do you gift wrap?

All of our pieces are packaged perfectly for gifting! Please let us know at checkout if any one of your pieces is a gift and we will package it individually. Otherwise, we try to be as eco-friendly as possible and package multiple items together in one box. 

Do you send a receipt in the package?

Nope! We don’t include any price information in the packaging, only the packing slip. So don’t worry, if you’re purchasing a gift for someone, all they’ll receive is a beautifully wrapped handmade jewellery. We do, however, always email the buyer a receipt, so if you do need to send it to the recipient for any reason, you can always forward them the email or order number.

Do I need to pay for tax & customs fee?

International orders may be subject to duties and customs fees. Customer is responsible for these.


How do I figure out my size?

Ring Sizing

We offer an easy way for you to measure your finger with our ring sizer! You can wrap this around your finger & immediately find your ring size.

Get a ring sizer here

Use our printable ring sizer to measure your fingers without waiting. There are three measuring techniques to determine your ring size or the ring size of your loved one. We also included a chart where you can compare an existing ring to a chart!

Printable ring sizer

You can also simply take your favorite ring and measure the inside diameter in mm. Follow this chart to find your ring size.

Tips for measuring your ring size:

- Measure the finger you plan on wearing the ring
- We suggest you check your size a few times throughout the day
- Make sure the ring sizer fits over and slide off your knuckle with ease. Knuckles can be wider than fingers, so you may need to order a half-size larger to accommodate.
- Temperature can affect sizing. Cold temperatures can cause your fingers to shrink, while extreme heat can cause them to swell.
- Make sure not to measure your size after any salty foods or alcohol intake, this can swell your fingers up and give you an incorrect size
- If you feel like you’re between sizes, choose the bigger size

Necklace Sizing

Use a measuring tape, string, thread or ribbon, to measure the length of how you would like the chain to hang around your neck. Keep in mind that necklaces with pendants will hang longer.

Use this guide below to determine a necklace's approximate length. However, it may vary upon individual as everyone has different sized necks.

Sizing according to the chart:

  • 14" or 36cm: wrap closely around the neck
  • 16" or 41cm: wrap loosely around the neck
  • 18" or 45cm: sits on the collarbone
  • 20" or 51cm: sits just below the collarbone
  • 24" or 61cm: lays at the center of the bustline

Already own a necklace that fits you perfectly? Simply measure the chain and write down its length!

Bracelet/Anklet Sizing

Use a measuring tape, string, thread or ribbon, to measure the length of how you would like the piece to fit to your wrist or anklet.

Step 1: Wrap a string around your wrist so it fits comfortably snug.
Step 2: Lay the string on a ruler. For a tighter fit, add 1.25cm. For a looser fit, add 2.5cm.

Already own a bracelet that fits you perfectly? Simply measure the chain and write down its length!

My jewellery is a little off on the sizing, what's up?

Our pieces are all handmade so all of our sizings are approximate. We try to measure our pieces as precisely as we can, but they may vary up to 0,5 - 1 cm for jewellery lengths, a few mm for pendant sizes, and 1/4 - 1/2 of a ring size.

I lost one of my earrings

No problem! You can purchase the specific single earring you lost. Usually a single earring is 50% of the cost of the pair. Send us a message to begin the process. If you lose an earring that has been discontinued or sold out we will not be able to create it's mate.

Why is there copper/brown spots on my 14k Gold Fill Jewellery?

Most of the jewellery pieces are soldered. This process can expose the base metal of 14k Gold Fill. This might result in a small dark spot appearing at the solder point. These spots can easily be removed with a polishing cloth.

Can I wear my jewellery in water?

Yes! Gold filled, sterling silver and argentium silver are waterproof and won't turn your skin green when they get wet. You should not wear your jewellery in a pool or hot tub as the chemicals may damage it, but fresh water (such as from rain, a river or a lake) and salt water are fine in general (do make sure to dry any piece off after it gets wet).

Will gold filled or sterling silver turn my skin green?

No! We only use 14K Gold filled, 925 Sterling Silver or Argentium on all Bauble Bible Atelier jewellery. They are both great options for people with sensitive skin. It will turn your skin green. However, everyone reacts to metals differently. There are certain cases where peoples body chemistry reacts to gold, oxidizing it and leaving a green residue on your skin. This has to do with your PH levels.

Will my piece tarnish?

How susceptible your piece is to tarnishing depends on what it’s made out of. You can learn more detailed informations regarding metals and jewellery here.

Gold Filled

Though gold-filled can naturally tarnish over time, it’s easily cleaned! We include a polish cloth in our packaging which we recommend using only when your piece is dull or tarnished (not for everyday cleaning purposes). It should be used “lightly” and not pressed hard against the metal to remove tarnish, as it could rub off the gold on your piece over time.

Rose Gold Filled

Rose gold fill is more prone to tarnishing than gold-fill because of the small amount of copper alloyed with the gold that gives it its beautiful pink color. But the same care tips that apply to gold fill also apply to rose gold-fill.

To prevent rose gold and gold-filled tarnishing:
- Avoid getting any product on your jewelry
- Clean it with mild soap and warm water and thoroughly dry it after wearing
- Store it in an airtight container such as a ziplock bag
- Avoid exposure to humidity

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver can tarnish due to a natural chemical reaction that occurs when silver is exposed to air (even the most expensive sterling silver jewelry in the world tarnishes over time). Luckily, un-tarnishing sterling silver is pretty simple. Just give it a quick rub with a polishing cloth provided.

Please note that sterling silver will tarnish more readily during humid summer months, or when left sitting out in exposed air for long periods of time.

Materials & Jewellery Care

What type of metals do you use?

Bauble Bible Atelier jewellery is made with finest quality of 14k Gold Filled, 925 Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver. which are hypoallergenic and nickel free. Our pieces are tarnish-resistant and can last for years with proper love and care. Learn more about the materials we use here

Are your stones real?

The pearls and stones we used in our designs are freshwater pearls and natural semi precious stones! Each piece is one of a kind, so no two pieces are exactly the same. If there is a stone that is not genuine it will be noted in the description of the product.

How do I care for my jewellery?

Check out our detailed info regarding Metals and Jewellery Care here

Still not sure, or need to know more?
Contact us via email at info@baublebible.com we are ready to help you!