Contactless Retractable Touch Tool Keychain

Rp 129,000

🗝  Multipurpose design to avoid touching high risk surfaces
It allows you to keeps your hands free and avoid touching, key pads, elevator buttons, atm, store payment pads, etc

🗝  Functionality
The key is retractable from 17 to 58cm in length, which make it easy to reach and assist you.
🗝  Practical Design
It’s designed to be portable, and compact which convenient to carry around every day. The keychain has 3cm clasp so you can put it in any bags.
🗝  Stylish & Elegant
With two colour options, this touch tool also serves as stylish keychain and will look great in any bags. It also makes the perfect gift  for the people you care.

Size & Details
3 cm lobster clasp
gold tone color
retractable from 17-58 cm in length

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