Multi-Purpose Surface Sterilizer Spray

Rp 27,500

Multi-Purpose Surface Sterilizer / Disinfectant Spray
Effectively kills germs, bacteria and virus.

Disinfects Instantly & Effectively. Quick-drying spray effectively sanitizes — without a sticky residue.

Made with 70% food grade ethanol. Fragrance free.
The compact size is travel friendly.

•  Surface Disinfectant
•  Antibacterial Spray
•  Gadget Sterilizer
•  Room Deodorizer

Can be used to clean gadgets, door knobs, yoga mat, toilet seats, box & packaging, shoes and other surfaces.

How to use:
Spray directly on objects or spray to clean cloth and use it to wipe the objects thoroughly. For children under 6, use adult supervision. Not recommended for infants.

Ingredients: Ethanol 70%

Shelf Life: 3 years


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