Siena Convertible Mask Chain – Matte Gold

Rp 289,000

3-in-1 Convertible & Detachable Mask Chain

Inspired by a beautiful city in central Italy’s Tuscany region, Siena. Siena mask chain is a classic linked chain that elevates any look.

Unlike other chains, the chain we use for this design is so lightweight that you barely feel the necklace as it hangs from your mask or around your neck.

Made to keep your mask within reach at all times, simply hook the chain to the ear loops of your favorite face mask.

The chain comes with detachable rubber loops so it can be transformed into sunglasses chain. And it can also be used as regular necklace.

Plus, they are lightweight. So they don’t weigh down your face mask. And when you’re wearing them as a necklace, you barely feel them.

Each mask chain will make its way to you in a compact Chain Pod for easy storage.

How to Wear as Mask Chain
• Attach the clasps to the strap of your face mask
• Put on face mask and let the chain hang around
• When you want to take off your mask, simply put the chain behind your neck
• Hang the chain over your neck to keep the mask in front for easy access

How to Wear as Sunglasses Chain
• Attach the clasps to the rubber loop attachments
• Insert the loops into the sunglasses or eyeglasses handle

How to Wear as Necklace
• Link the two clasps together to use it as a necklace


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